NB! When booking a session, please note that booking can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the session. In the weekend the cancellation time is 48h. Cancelling a session with out an earlier notice or a no show, is the same charge as the session itself. While booking the session a fee of 50EUR is charged as a prepayment and in case of cancelling is not returned to the client.


Couples Therapy Sessions

I have developed a 7-step couples therapy to help couples reach a deeper understanding of each other and achieve a more harmonious life together. I see that, the early years of a relationship show the potential of our relationship, if we dare to face our pain and heal our wounds. In this therapy we start to move together through the 7 important levels of our lives, to bring awareness and harmony to each. The 7 levels are: our roots, our sexuality, money and the material world, how to truly love each other, communication, mental level and our mindset and conscious parenting. In all these levels we start to work through the differences and try to come to a place of acceptance and understanding towards each other. The „honeymoon phase“ doesn’t have to last only the first months or years. If we can become fully vulnerable and „naked“ with each other, then we have an enormous potential within the relationship to help each other to heal.

Our partners are there, to help us experience ourselves. All the beautiful and the wounded parts. But when the wounded parts start to show, we often go in defense, because we start to face the pain inside and we try to blame it on our partner. And most people feel that at one point the pain becomes too much and they decided to leave or do things that lead to break up. But if we come out of the victim mentality and take full responsibility for our experience, then we see, that there is a huge potential for almost many relationships out there. They are the biggest gifts we have to help us grow and heal. There is no better mirror than our partner.

If you feel that this form of therapy speaks to you, contact me and we can arrange an appointment. I would like to meet each couple together first, and then both of them once separately. From there, I we embark on the journey together.

The price of my consulting hour is 100 EUR/h. Please consider that the first session should be at least 1.5-2 hours.

You can pay by invoice, transfer, or in cash. It is also possible to conduct the session via Zoom.

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