This is the year, when we learn to love ourselves again

Somewhere in a distant galaxy, at the level of our soul and spirit, You have always loved Yourself. When we were born into this world, we came to have an experience of how to get back to love, when You have been taken as far from love, as possible. A place where You are made to forget who You truly are – a being of infinite love. They tell us here, that loving Yourself is selfish and we have to love everyone else around us, but they never teach us, how to love ourselves. Respect, love and obey the “God” You have never seen, Your parents and Your teachers. Even if they don’t show love towards You, You have to love them. But love can not be forced. And yet, we can love them all, if we choose so.

When a child is born into this world, it starts to develop through the reflections, that the people around give him/her. A child in the beginning of ones life, is it’s pure self, in all it’s authenticity. A child does something and the outside reacts to it. But often times, the outside starts to react to the child from the place of fear, anger and pain, because that is what many of us carry inside. It is not so often, when our reactions to children are carried by love, respect and trust. We believe we know better and so we start to mold our children the way, we have been molded. Taking them far away from who they truly are. Many parents have difficulties managing themselves, so often times they can not stand a child, just being a child: happy, running, laughing, making noise and being naughty. We have been taught to obey to our parents every word and if we don’t, we get punished. We are being made to believe, that our authentic self is not accepted. So we start to wear masks, in order to be loved and accepted. And that is the main thing that each and everyone in this world wants, to be loved for who they are, exactly how they are. Without the need to change themselves, so that others can accept them. We need to  start living our lives through our own experience, our parents next to us, guiding and showing us the way, putting boundaries when needed, but allowing us to be ourselves, without trying to make us, who they and society thinks we should be.

This year we are going back to a new era, when our job is to return to our pure self and shed off all the layers, that are not our authentic selves. It is time we return back to love. But first we must learn to love again, ourselves and then others around us. If we have love, we don’t need love from outside and then love is free, love just is. Can You love Yourself today with everything You have and with everything that You are and have done. We all have made mistakes, we all have been hurt and we all have hurt someone. That doesn’t mean, we are not worthy of love. But before the outside world can start reflecting You that, You must start believeing it Yourself. Religions have made us believe that we are all sinners and that is why we need to suffer in this life. Truth is, Your life reflects You what You believe to be true.

In reality all our negative sides are also just a part of this experience. They are not wrong, they do not need to be hidden away, but just accepted. We are molded exactly to the point of perfection, how we should be, to walk this unique life path and have the experiences You came here to have. I know that sometimes it is hard to understand that, especially if our life has been hard and we have endured a lot of pain. But if we come out of being a victim and say that my whole life is the perfect manifestation of my soul and spirit, then our whole experience turns.

What You choose to see in Your life, becomes magnified. We can look at our partners and see them as the most wonderful people or as the most horrible one. Depends what You focus on. If You focus on the good, is starts to grow, if You focus on the negative, the negative starts to grow. They say that the object that has been looked upon, changes, when the one who is looking changes it’s angle. What is the point to critize and diagnose everyone these days, someone is a narcissist, someone is biopolar, someone is cold and violent. What if we stopped judgeing and critisizing and just ask ourselves, what brought them the pain, that they have to protect themselves from the world so hard. What if we start looking at everyone with compassion and love and forgiveness. It doesn’t mean You have to let them hurt You because of their pain, You can move away from that, but You can still think of them with love and kindeness. And most of all, You start looking that way at Yourself.

I think it was David Deida, that told a story about a woman, who was walking home late at night in New York, through Central Park. At one point a man jumps out if the bushes and attacks the woman. He takes her to the bushes, pulls of her pants and starts raping her. The woman looks at him and just starts repeating: I love You, I love You. The man stops. Helps her up and to get dressed and sends her home, so that nobody can hurt her anymore. If she was able to give love at that moment and not go into fear, then we can all forgive people around us and to ourselves. People only start to “take love” by force, when love is not given freely. There is nothing better for the darkness in our planet, than looking at people who instead of loving each other, blame, shame, judge and critise. That is why darkness can exist. The whole system is built on us not loving ourselves and others around us.

How much lightness can come to Your life, when I can love everything and everyone. I don’t have to hate anything anymore. Love sets us free and hate makes us prisoners. Critisizing and judgeing and condemning, creates separation. Loving, understanding and forgiving, creates oneness. Love doesn’t ask who You are, it doesn’t judge You, for what You have done. It’s just there for everyone, waiting, til they themslves starte believing, that they are worthy of love and start accepting it. You are the only one, keeping love at bay, because You don’t believe You are worthy of being loved. That’s how simple it is. Ask life to show You how lovebale You truly are and see what life starts to reflect on You. And walk away from places and people, who try to make You believe the opposite.


With Love,


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